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MA Degree in German

M.A.German students at the University of Georgia's Germanic & Slavic Studies Department


  • 6001 (or test), 7500 (if a Graduate Teaching Assistant)
  • Competency in an additional modern foreign or classical language (2002, 2500 or equivalent, with a grade of B or better)

Students with an emphasis in Literature must take at least one course in linguistics. 

Students with an emphasis in Linguistics must take at least one course in literature or film.

No more than one Directed Readings/Projects (GRMN 8160, 3 hours) may count towards the total number of hours required for the M.A. degree.


The Graduate School requires a minimum of 30 credit hours for an M.A. degree (min. 24 in course work/max. 6 thesis or research). The M.A. portfolio requires students to complete a minimum of 33 hours of course work in German Studies or Linguistics.

The final examination for the thesis-track Master's degree consists of a written exam and a written thesis followed by an oral defense. The thesis will be written under the direction of a faculty member, whom the student should select in the course of the third semester of study in the program. In addition to the major professor (thesis director), the M.A. Committee will consist of two readers, whom the student should appoint in consultation with the thesis director by the end of the third semester of study. The major professor and readers are also charged with the evaluation of the written exam.

Students pursuing the thesis option will need to submit a Thesis Proposal Form during their third semester of study. 


Students will undergo the written examination in their area of specialization in accordance with the M.A. exam guidelines, preparing for an examination in either German literature or linguistics. However, the supplemental reading list will be comprised in an area of specialization of the student's choice, preferably related to the student's thesis topic. This reading list should be compiled by the student in consultation with the major professor and be distributed to all members of the M.A. Committee upon completion of the third semester of study.


The purpose of the M.A. thesis is to apply advanced research skills and demonstrate the ability to analyze a given subject critically and in-depth.

Specifications for the thesis are as follows:

  • focuses on a topic in German Literature, German Studies, Germanic Linguistics, or Pedagogy.
  • may be the result of a substantially revised research paper or an independent project agreed upon in consultation with the faculty member directing the thesis.
  • must be at least 30 pages in length (in accordance with graduate school guidelines for formatting), excluding bibliography, dedication, table of contents, and appendices not belonging to the body of the thesis.
  • must be turned in to readers at least seven (7) days before the scheduled defense and fourteen (14) days before the student's submission of the thesis to the graduate school.
  • may be written in either English or German.

Students writing a thesis must complete at least 3 credit hours of GRMN 7300 Master's Thesis. The student must defend the thesis in an oral defense. While the Graduate School requires only a pass/no pass decision for thesis and oral defense, the department will internally evaluate the quality of the student's work in the following three categories: pass with distinction, pass, and no pass. This evaluation shall be announced to the student at the end of the oral defense.

Application Fee Waiver

Please fill out the following form to have your application fee waived. Please email the completed form to and If you have any questions, please email Dr. Bousquette at

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