Old Church Slavic
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An introduction to Old Church Slavic (OCS), the earliest written Slavic language. Students will learn to read and translate OCS texts. The grammar and phonology of OCS will also be used as a springboard for an introduction to the prehistory of the Slavic language family.

This course is cross-listed with LING 4905/6905. Permission of the department is required to register for SLAV 4905. In order to be successful in the course students should have some knowledge of a modern Slavic language OR should have completed some other relevant coursework such as Introduction to Slavic Linguistics (SLAV/LING 3070), Historical Linguistics (LING 4690/6690), Introduction to Indo-European Studies (LING 4210/6210), or courses in another old Indo-European language.

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Offered in alternate years
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