Slavic Folklore
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In this course we will discuss Slavic folklore and belief systems in different historical periods and their representation in historical accounts, stories, novels, fairy tales, legends, customs, and films. No background knowledge is required. All readings and discussions are in English. This course will introduce students to the materials and methods of folklore study through a detailed examination of important components of Slavic folk culture and beliefs. Students will read a variety of texts, including scholarly works, historical accounts, and examples of verbal folklore collected by researchers. They will also analyze representations and adaptations of folklore in literary works, film, and animation. Students will acquire knowledge of a variety of genres and images from Slavic folklore and an understanding of how folklore functions in a society and how it is transmitted from one generation to the next.

Satisfies Core Area IV (World Languages and Cultures or Humanities and the Arts) and the Franklin College Fine Arts/Philosophy/Religion requirement.

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