Approaches to Russian/English Translation: Cultural, Sociolinguistic, and Grammatical Issues
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In this course you will analyze different genres of Russian texts and some of the cultural, sociolinguistic, grammatical, and stylistic issues involved in translation. You will improve your ability to understand and interpret a wide variety of Russian texts. You will learn about different stylistic registers and devices used in different text genres and expand your knowledge of the Russian cultural and sociolinguistic context. You will also acquire a more thorough understanding of Russian grammar and syntax; we will focus on aspects of Russian grammar that pose particular difficulties for English-speaking learners, and will analyze the grammatical and syntactic structure of the texts that we read. The course will provide you with a non-technical introduction to aspects of translation theory, familiarize you with different types of translations, and give you practical experience in producing your own translations. It will also focus on translation as a means of acquiring a better understanding of some of the contrasts between Russian and English language and culture.

RUSS 2002
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Offered in alternate years
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