Children's and Youth Literature
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The course consists of three parts: an examination of traditional stories, including fairy tales, followed by an analysis of contemporary picture books, and finally a close reading of Michael Ende’s Unendliche Geschichte as a neo‐romantic tale. The readings are in roughly chronological order, but we will make frequent cross‐ connections by looking at counter‐movements and tracing influences. We will pay close attention how the notions of childhood, identity and self‐realization are constructed and upheld within a specific cultural and historic context. We trace Postman’s argument that the impact of “full‐disclosure” media (TV) has effectively caused the concept of childhood to disappear. We will also take a closer look at the market mechanisms that govern the production, distribution, and reception of children’s literature which “does not exist” (Zipes). Taught in German.

Satisfies Core Area IV (Humanities and Arts) and the Franklin College Literature requirement.

GRMN 3010
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