Language: Engineering and Science
Credit Hours:
3 hours

In this course, students will learn about central social, cultural, economic, political and scientific issues of the 20th and early 21st centuries pertinent to the development of modern Germany as a leader in engineering and technology.

While teaching cultural and scientific content, the course simultaneously aims to make you a more competent and proficient speaker and writer of German. You will also continue to hone your listening and reading skills as we watch videos and read articles on technological developments in Germany from online news websites such as Deutsche Welle, Bild der Wissenschaft, Natur and others. This course also includes grammar review and vocabulary development.

GRMN 2002 or GRMN 2110
Duplicate Credit:
GRMN 3010; Students who have taken 3010 may not enroll in 3015
Semester Offered:
Course Type: