The Holocaust from the Victims' Perspectives
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This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to the documentary and fictional forms chosen by the victims of the Holocaust (1933-45), studying diaries and memoirs, as well as fictional texts and films.We will also engage with the theories and controversies surrounding these narratives. As we read and study how victims responded to the Third Reich, the War, and the Holocaust, we will begin by reading short excerpts from testimonies while we read a history of the Holocaust. Then we will read a comprehensive memoir to follow the history. We will focus on memoirs written shortly after the end of the War, followed by memoirs and fictionalizations written later. Since Holocaust denial is now a part of our culture, unfortunately, we will read Deborah Lipstadt’s memoir of her trial against the denier David Irving. The course spans various disciplines but will concentrate on how individual victims expressed and reflected upon their experiences.

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