Picture of Dr. Bousquette
Assistant Professor of Germanic Linguistics
(706) 542-2457
Picture of Dr. Byrd
Senior Lecturer in Russian
(706) 583-8169
Photo of Katie Chapman
Lecturer in German, German Language Program Coordinator
(706) 542-2456
Heide Crawford
Senior Lecturer in German, Director of the Freiburg Study Abroad Program
(706) 542-2442
Senior Lecturer in German, Coordinator of Academic Exchanges and Internships in Germany
(706) 542-0814
Picture of Dr. Gooze
Associate Professor of German
(706) 542-2450
Adjunct Associate Professor, Germanic & Slavic Studies, Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator, Language and Literacy Education
Martin Kagel
A.G. Steer Professor and Associate Dean, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Adjunct Professor, Germanic & Slavic Studies, Distinguished Research Professor, Dept. of Classics, Director, Linguistics Program
Professor of Slavic Studies and Linguistics, Director, Linguistics Program, Russian Program Coordinator
(706) 542-2448
Vera Lee-Schoenfeld
Associate Professor of Linguistics
(706) 542-2440
Brigitte Rossbacher
Associate Professor of German
(706) 542-2458
Birgit Rutledge-Riel
Instructor of German
Alexander Sager
Department Head of Germanic & Slavic Studies, Associate Professor of German , Graduate Coordinator
(706) 542-2446
2017 Max Kade Distinguished Visiting Professor
Assistant Professor of Russian
(706) 542-2441
Olga Thomason
Lecturer in Russian, Director - Study Abroad in Russia, Advisor - Russian Club
(706) 542-7826

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