Thursday, February 8, 2018 - 11:36am
band performing

On February 7, the UGA Russian Club and the Department of Germanic & Slavic studies welcomed the band Stary Olsa from Belarus to the Chapel for a performance of medieval music and dancing.  This folk band recreates the musical traditions of the 13th – 18th century.  They performed traditional folk music of the Belarusian and European Middle Ages, as well as Renaissance chamber music.  Their beautiful musical instruments were reproduced with authentic natural materials and techniques. The show included medieval dance lessons with most of the audience participating, and covers of a few more modern tunes played on lutes, bagpipes, kolavaia lira (hurdy-gurdy), drums, gusli (a type of chordophone), and  other unknown reeded and stringed instruments.  For interesetd students, visit the department library to check out a Stary Olsa CD.