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Lindsay Owings AmCham Internship 2015.JPG

Lindsay Owings (center) summer 2105 AmCham intern at ARAG (Risk Management and Insurance) in Düsseldorf

AmCham Internship (American Chamber of Commerce)

The U.S. - German internship was established by AmCham and Bridgehouse Law to enable American students to spend time in Germany during the career planning phase of their early lives. Participating universities include the University of Georgia, Emory University, GA State, GA Tech, Kennesaw State, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Greensboro, Piedmont College, and others. Participating companies include Accuracy LLC, AmCham Germany, AS Solar GmbH, The Bank of New York Mellon, Balli GmbH, DHL Global Forwarding GmbH, Enviacom Fragomen Global LLP, Fresenius SE, Marriott Hamburg, Hitachi Data Systems GmbH, Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG, McDonald's Deutschland Inc., OneSquare Advisors GmbH; OneBridgehouse, Pfizer.

More information can be found on the following websites: AmCham Germany and

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Open to all German majors and minors, including graduate students. Business, finance, pre-law, and pre-pharmacy students are preferred. Students should apply during their third year, and must be enrolled during their internship. 
  • GRMN 3010 or equivalent; minimum GPA of 3.0; previous work experience is highly encouraged.
  • Internships last from around Mid-May through Mid-August (90 days).

Costs, Fees, and Remuneration

Visa application, airfare, in-country transportation, living expenses, and health insurance are to be paid by the student intern.

AmCham Application Fee: $50 (normally covered by the Department of Germanic & Slavic Studies). Once selected, students pay a processing fee of $100.

Internships are paid (650 Euro/month); the company may also help with finding accommodations.

Application Documents (all in English)

  • application Form w/ statement of language proficiency (to be completed by a German faculty member)
  • a current résumé
  • transcript (unofficial will suffice)
  • "Statement of Purpose" (a one page essay describing why you wish to complete an internship in Germany, what particular strengths and abilities you will bring to the internship, and what you expect to take away from the internship).

Application Process and Timeline

  • First half of fall semester: Request application from Dr. Inge DiBella and submit to Mr. Jordon Ropson in 201 Joe Brown Hall by early November.
  • Mid-November: Interview with departmental selection committee in the morning (time/place TBA) and feedback about revising your application.
  • Early December: Dossiers of applicants are sent to BridgehouseLaw in Atlanta and subsequently to AmCham in Frankfurt. Your contact person in Atlanta is Violetta Noor. Your application will be uploaded for perusal by AmCham business partners.
  • Mid-February: German companies will normally contact you by e-mail to request an interview around this time. Multiple interviews are possible, even likely, and an offer is normally made shortly after the interview. You must accept or decline offer within one week.

Samantha Harris AmCham UPS 13_1.JPG

Samantha Harris at UPS in Troisdorf (Köln) in 2013

AmCham Participants in 2016:  Jessica Hutcheson, Kailyn LaPorte, Brittney Velasquez

AmCham Participants in 2015:  Angelique Fouche, Dakota Minter, Lindsay Owings, Nicole Romeo, Samantha Harris

AmCham Participants in 2014:  Megan Alpert, Joanne Studdard, Andrew Robison, Claudia Benson, Daniele Stone, Erik Harkness

AmCham Participants in 2013:  Jonathan Wolfe, Sydney Wiggins, Xieran Li, Lindsay Quandt, Jakob Kagel, Samantha Harris

AmCham Participants in 2012:  David Douds, Soleil Robichaud

Volunteering in Germany with the Federal Volunteer Service (Bundesfreiwilligendienst)

Abroadways is a placement agency which will help you to find meaningful employment in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, retirement or children homes, and also in education or environmental conservation.  These paid volunteer positions are ideal for students who are taking a gap year or semester, or who are want to go to work in Germany after graduation. This kind of international work experiences can be very valuable in making informed decisions about a career and/or graduate school.

Eligibility and Requirements

Open to everyone, regardless of citizenship. Applicants should have at least strong intermediate German language skills.

Internships can last anywhere from 6 to 24 months.

Fees and Remuneration

Placement fee of about $1000 for personalized and very effective placement.

Participants get free room and board, major medical and accident insurance, paid vacation days, and a monthly allowance of about 160 Euro.

Application deadline

Placements are made throughout the year, but August/September are the preferred starting months.

Please contact Dr. Inge DiBella for more information on this program. Interested students may also contact Herrn Heinz Kohlmeier directly.

Language Teaching Assistant in Sachsen, Germany

The Sächsische Staatsministerium für Kultus, in collaboration with the Georgia Department of Education, offers language teaching assistantships (LTA) in secondary schools in Saxony. This is a good program for students who are seeking experience teaching abroad and is an alternative to the very competitive Fulbright teaching assistantship program.

The LTAs will receive a stipend of 800 Euros/month and insurance coverage. The hosting schools will help find suitable accommodation for the LTAs. The program begins in September / October 2015 and will be for the duration of 6-8 months.

Application Process

Please contact Dr. Inge DiBella for information and to request an application form. In addition to the form, the application requires a statement letter discussing your qualifications and interest, a transcript, and a resume (all documents in German)

Application deadline: May 15

German-American Chamber of Commerce (GACC), Atlanta

Please contact the German-American Chamber of Commerce directly to inquire about possible summer internships (2 1/2 months). They are frequently looking for bi-lingual interns in their marketing and membership division. 

The American Association of German Teachers (AATG)

The AATG offers internships in many different fields.

Monthly payment ranges from $400 – $2000 per month. The minimum language requirement varies. Click on “details” for more information on payment, housing etc. There is a sizeable application fee. More information can be found on their website:


Abroadways arranges for internship placements with a minimum stay of 6 months. You will receive a monthly stipend, plus free room and board and major health insurance. You work as a paid volunteer (Bundesfreiwilligendienst = Bufdi). Minimum language skills are four semesters of German. This is an excellent program to consider if you want a gap-semester or want to work in Germany after graduation. There is an application fee if you use this placement agency. Application information can be found at

You may also apply on your own through the  (click on “Leichte Sprache” in the upper right hand corner)

The Steuben Schurz Gesellschaft

The Steuben Schurz Gesellschaft assists in finding internships in government, business, political organizations, NGO's, education, law firms and more. THe application fee is modest. More information can be found at their website: 


AIESEC is a well-established international internship placement organization. UGA has its own chapter with Sean Andrews, a German student, as president. You can visit AIESEC's website or email Sean at for more information.

The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals (CBYX)

CBYX is a  well-funded program for studying and interning in Germany. It’s very competitive.


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