Graduate Teaching Assistant
2016-17 Max Kade Graduate Student Fellow

Contact Info

6 Joe Brown Hall
Office Hours:
Tuesday 12:30pm-1:30pm

Conni is an MA student concentrating in German linguistics. She got her BS in chemistry and German from Juniata College (PA) in 1998 and spent her junior year in Marburg, Germany. She got a PharmD from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2005, completed a residency in Oregon, then returned to North Carolina and worked as a pharmacist for 3 years before going part time to work on her writing. German is her first love, and when she decided she wanted to teach the language, she took a certificate course through the Goethe Institute and taught beginning German at CHICLE Language Institute in Chapel Hill. 


Her research interests are language change and variation, specifically sociolinguistics of German in migrant communities and youth language/slang. Her hobbies include crochet, building model kits, running, tai chi, watching anime, and reading and writing science fiction. She loves Berlin and roots for Hertha BSC. She stands in solidarity with all members of the QUILTBAG community.