Contemporary Issues in German Business and Politics
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This discussion-based course emphasizes active participation in classroom discussion of current events topics and related activities. The expectation is that students enrolled in this course are interested in and aware of current events and that they will inform themselves about current events – beyond the assigned readings. Individual discussion topics for each session have been grouped within broader headings, such as Politik, Wirtschaft, deutsche Innen- und Außenpolitik, die USA in den deutschen Medien, Deutschland in der Welt, Kultur, Technik und Umwelt. For purposes of discussion we will use texts as well as audio and video recordings from Deutsche Welle and other news websites. We will start many of our class meetings by looking at the day’s headlines or listening to news broadcasts from Germany. Students will be encouraged to bring to class any news stories which they have found and would like to discuss. Taught in German. 

Satisfies Core Area IV (World Languages and Culture).

GRMN 3020
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